Hawkesbury Avenue​

This old villa had extensive repairs and renovations after the earthquakes which took several years to complete. The gardens were abandoned over this time. As the house neared completion and was due to be put up for sale it was time to sort out the jungle.The gardens were so overgrown that serious action was needed. As the house was going to be sold, a careful plan was required so that the overgrowth was cut back without the gardens looking like they had been hacked at. Identification of the various trees and shrubs and knowledge of their growth habits allowed us to be tough on the bullies and gentle on the more delicate plants there were getting smothered. After removing huge amounts of material, it was clear some replanting would really improve the garden. A row of Cornus Eddies White Wonder trees replace a row of dead Olives. As the house sale was set for autumn, the beautiful autumn colour of the Cornus would be a timely show. As often happens when the builders have been in, the lawn was destroyed, so we laid a new lawn, complete with irrigation and nice curved path. The client was extremely happy with the work, the house sold and now we take care of her other properties and several of her friends too. 

Straven Road

This was a new build, where Debbie Rimmer designed the gardens, including the planting. A builder constructed the decks and paths and walls. Debbie recommended me to the client to prepare and plant the gardens. This arrangement has worked well for several jobs. The client has built the new house to be sold as soon as possible after completion. He requested the gardens to have a mature and established look. The site suffered from poor drainage and very heavy clay soil. This had to be deeply dug to break the compaction, and improved with the addition of gypsum, compost and fertiliser. To achieve this large specimen trees, shrubs and hedging were supplied and closely planted to give that established look.The large trees needed to be carefully staked to stand up to Christchurch’s windy conditions. The gardens were finished with black bark to give a crisp, modern look, complimenting the house nicely. With the brand new house, decks, white walls and freshly seeded lawn, we had to work mindfully in the wet winter weather to avoid damaging the new surfaces. The use of boards and tarps was essential in keeping the site clean and free from damage. The two week project was completed on time and on budget, with the client very happy with the final outcome.

Roseneath Place

We were contacted by this client after she received a flyer in her letterbox. After the house rebuild had been completed, this steep hillside garden had been left in quite a sorry state. A steep, muddy path that was almost inaccessible led up to the back of the house, along with the steps leading to the lower gardens being in a state of collapse. Working with the client we agreed a design which complimented the original rustic design of the garden. Recycled macrocarpa sleepers and pine rounds were used to create a journey of natural, flowing steps around varying elevations of the garden. The client wanted to avoid the harsh straight lines so common in many new gardens. The lush, low maintenance planting was made up of a mixture of New Zealand and South African plants to make the most of this shady, frost free micro climate.


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