Bespoke Planting Plans & the plants to bring them life​

Planting Plans, Plant Supply & Planting

Plant Selection & Placement​

A critical aspect of professional landscape gardening, is selecting and supplying the right plants, then expertly placing and planting them so that they thrive.

Whether you have a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into your ideal garden, or are seeking a change or addition to brighten up your existing garden, Head Gardener, Nathan Neath has the expertise to ensure that the plants he recommends will flourish in your particular garden. ‘We have a deep understanding of Christchurch and Canterbury soils, local climatic conditions and the plants and trees most likely to flourish in them.’​

The right plants in the right place

The Planting Plan will be designed specifically for the site’s climate, soil/s, location, and how the outdoor spaces will be used. If required, we can also conduct soil analysis before creating a Planting Plan, to make doubly sure the garden won’t just grow, it will flourish! 

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Taking you on the journey from design through to planting, Green Giant Gardens will work with you at all stages to ensure they deliver you the garden of your dreams.

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