Bespoke Planting Plans & the plants to bring them life​

Planting Plans, Plant Supply & Planting

Plant Selection & Placement​

A critical aspect of professional landscape gardening, is selecting plants, shrubs and trees that will thrive. Head Landscape Gardener, Nathan Neath, can draw up a bespoke Planting Plan tailored to you/your client’s tastes and specific garden conditions. If you wish to have a more detailed, full Garden Design drawn up, which can also include hard landscaping, we’d love to work on that for you.

Green Giant Gardens provides a range of flexible options for soft landscaping, which can include supplying top quality plants from specialist growers.​

The right plants in the right place

The Planting Plan will be designed specifically for the site’s climate, soil/s, location, and how the outdoor spaces will be used. If required, we can also conduct soil analysis before creating a Planting Plan, to make doubly sure the garden won’t just grow, it will flourish! 

Planting Plan, Plant Supply & Planting

Plant Supply & Planting​

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