Transforming gardens with professional Landscaping​

Soft & Hard Landscaping

Green Giant Gardens’ soft landscaping can include laying new lawns, selecting and supplying the right plants, trees and hedging, then expertly placing and planting them. We can also undertake and Project Manage, through our trusted contractors, hard landscaping, such as decks, paths, patios, digger and carpentry work, to make the most of outdoor spaces. 

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Soft Landscaping

Garden beds prepared with correct soil mix

Vegetable & permaculture gardens

Specialist planting e.g. mature hedges, large trees, palms

New lawns: hydroseed / turf

Irrigation installation & maintenance

Hard Landscaping

Paved or gravel paths, patios

Decks, steps, seats, pergolas

Concreting & gravel


Digger work

Green Giant Gardens