Green Giant Gardens

Hawkesbury Avenue​

This old villa had extensive repairs and renovations after the earthquakes which took several years to complete. The gardens were abandoned over this time. As the house neared completion and was due to be put up for sale it was time to sort out the jungle.

The gardens were so overgrown that serious action was needed. As the house was going to be sold, a careful plan was required so that the overgrowth was cut back without the gardens looking like they had been hacked at. Identification of the various trees and shrubs and knowledge of their growth habits allowed us to be tough on the bullies and gentle on the more delicate plants there were getting smothered. 

After removing huge amounts of material, it was clear some replanting would really improve the garden. A row of Cornus Eddies White Wonder trees replace a row of dead Olives. As the house sale was set for autumn, the beautiful autumn colour of the Cornus would be a timely show. 

As often happens when the builders have been in, the lawn was destroyed, so we laid a new lawn, complete with irrigation and nice curved path. 

The client was extremely happy with the work, the house sold and now we take care of her other properties and several of her friends too.