We clear, prepare & maintain gardens to help them thrive​

Garden Clearing & Maintenance

Green Giant Gardens’ expert garden maintenance team clears overgrown gardens and prepares sites for soft and hard landscaping. We can also provide regular garden maintenance to ensure the beauty and longevity of the garden.

We have the expertise to identify what should stay or go, and our skilled Arborist Contractors can safely remove or reshape trees to give them a new lease on life.

If you or your client has spent thousands on landscaping, we have the skills and experience to keep the garden and grounds looking their best all year round.​

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Garden Clearing & Maintenance Services we offer:

Lawns: new lawns, repairs, feeding, grass grub & weed treatments

Weeding & Mulching 

Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

Tree Stumps: Ground or Dug out

Pruning: correct, timely pruning of hedges, shrubs, roses

Pest & Disease Diagnosis & Control 

Tree Reshaping & Tree Removal by trained Arborists

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